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Fair Oaks supports the work of the Fraternite Notre Dame (FND) in feeding and ministering to residents of the Austin neighborhood of Chicago. Fair Oaks partners with FND which is a Traditional Catholic Religious Order. FND is run by nuns, many who are originally from France. We have been partnering with FND for over ten years. We are neighbors as the soup kitchen is only a few blocks away.

For the soup kitchen, we provide funding of about $300 a month for the food. We have been the providers of a lot of their baking equipment that they use to make a living. We also provide one meal each month for 150 people. At Christmas, we provide gifts for adults and children.

Volunteers from Fair Oaks help in a variety of jobs to support this ministry:

  • Cooking Brownies
  • Purchase Food
  • Cooking Crew
  • Serving and Clean-Up crew from
  • Wash Aprons

Do you want to join us? Contact office@fairoakspres.org to be a part of this ministry.

Visit the Fraternite Notre Dame site for more information about the order.