Fair Oaks

housing FORW>RD

(formerly West Suburban PADS)

Throughout the program year, Fair Oaks supports housing FORW>RD by cooking and serving one meal each month. The church also contributes financially and donates gifts at Christmas. Fair Oaks was a founding member and is a top three contributor to Prevail, which merged with housing FORW>RD in 2015.

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The following links describe housing FORW>RD programs and show how Prevail fits into the organization. 



Tameka (former housing FORW>RD client)

"We didn't see it coming" she says, the smile leaving her face. "One moment we're a family with a beautiful baby and a nice home, and then suddenly my son and I are living on the streets. That's not something that anyone can be prepared for. housing FORW>RD gave us so much more than a home and hope for the future,” Tameka adds. “housing FORW>RD gave us back our dignity. For that, we will be forever grateful.”