Fair Oaks

Mission Study Team and Pastoral Nominating Committee

Transition Process

Mission Study Report

In May 2016, the Session formed a Mission Study Team whose job was to assess the findings from our Congregational Assessment Tool and other insights to map out the future strategic direction for the church. The Team's recommendations will inform the Pastoral Nominating Committee on the talents needed in a new senior pastor and provide the Session the priorities for long-term planning, staffing and programs.

The aim of this report is to make clear:
Who we are, our values, and our vision for ministry, including our definition of progressive theology.

  • What we discovered about our congregation’s emerging needs and challenges.
  • What we discovered about the emerging needs of our surrounding community and opportunities for us to expand our ministry.
  • What kind of church we envision FOPC might be by 2025.
  • Actions we recommend Session and its committees undertake to achieve this vision.
  • Qualifications and characteristics needed by our next pastor and entire staffing team.

Presented to the congregation on October 23, the report can be found here.

Mission Study Team Members

Current Session Members
Jim Heininger
Angela Topel
Nancy Van Der Griend (clerk)
Derek Inksetter

Congregation Members
Wendy White
Doug Strubel
Karen Bromley
Barb Mayer
Lisa Johnson
Jane Vishneski

Pastoral Nominating Committee

The Pastoral Nominating Committee was unanimously approved by the congregation on October 23 and includes:

John Beck
Nancy Burkhardt
Cheryl Hover
Derek Inksetter
Lisa Johnson
Charlie Mayer
Beth Messina
Wendy Owen
Dick Walstra.

The PNC will use the Mission Study’s guidance on senior pastor focus to prepare the Ministry Information Form, which is the basis for our search process.