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Our Worship Service

The following is an example of a typical Sunday worship liturgy with explanations:

Gathering Around the Word (Our Humble Preparation)
Worship begins with God. God takes the initiative in calling us to be part of the body of Christ. We answer this call as we gather today for worship, prayer and praise. When the organist begins to play, the worship has begun. This time of music helps us focus our attention on God. Our attitude is reverent and our goal is to prepare ourselves to experience God’s presence in our midst.
Welcome and Announcements
Call to Worship
Words are spoken, proclaiming who God is and what God has done. We are reminded that our worship centers in God and not ourselves.
Opening Hymn
Prayer of Confession
We are invited to confess the reality of sin in our private as well as our common lives. Confession, or acknowledging that we fall short of God’s standards, is the first step toward claiming the forgiveness that is ours in Christ.
Silent and Personal Prayer
Assurance of Pardon
Having confessed our sins, we are assured of God’s forgiving grace declared in the name of Christ. We accept God’s forgiveness, confident that God’s power in Jesus Christ is stronger than the power of sin.
Gloria Patri

Proclaiming the Word (The Hearing of God’s Word)
The Children’s Time
A worship leader presents a message designed specifically for the younger children in worship.
Scripture Lesson
Scripture is God’s self-revelation. We trust in God’s Spirit to make us receptive to the life-giving, life-changing Word, which comes through the Bible.
The scripture lesson is interpreted and the good news of God’s love and grace is proclaimed.

Our Grateful Response
Affirmation of Faith
We express our faith by a creed or an affirmation which declares the faith tradition of the whole church, the faith into which we were baptized.

The Morning’s Prayers of the People and The Lord’s Prayer
The congregation prays for its own life and ministry, for worldwide and local concerns, and for all those in need.
In response to God’s love in Christ we offer our lives, our gifts, and our material goods for God’s service.
Prayer of Dedication
The gifts are dedicated to God’s work in the world through prayer.
Closing Hymn
Assured of God’s comfort and blessing, we are confident that God is present with us as we go out into the world in Christ’s name.